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  • Couples Counseling

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    On the first day of a couples counseling course, my professor posted a ten-foot banner with the following four words:

    Marriage is a job.

    Relationships are hard work. We interact with other human beings based on our list of “normals.” Those normals are ingrained patterns of behavior, attachment, and communication initially learned at home and influenced along the way by our interactions with ourselves and others. Healthy relationships require people to blend, adapt, and sometimes unlearn those normals in order to make it work. Interactions are intentional, motivated by a desire for authentic connection.

    Couples counseling creates a space to better understand what is going on below the surface. With couples therapy, you’ll learn how to connect and communicate with your partner in effective ways and get what you want out of your relationship. I utilize Gottman Method Couples Therapy and Emotion-Focused Therapy in my approach, with a side of honesty and humor.

    I have had experience working with couples of all shapes and sizes. Let’s chat and see if we would work well together!